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The Kommunity team have worked at various roles in startups, financial industries, media conglomerates, law firms, and global software companies.

This means we are as familiar with code sprints as we are with content plans, can tell the difference between AML and ALM, and are able to walk, run, and jump with companies through every stage of their evolution from bootstrap to IPO.

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community /kəˈmjuːnɪti/ (noun): the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.

Kommunity is a bond shared between our team and our portfolio companies. Our shared understanding of good faith, strong ethical compass, commitment to seek cooperative solutions means that our companies stand to benefit from synergies with each other. We believe this is a force multiplier that creates businesses, and projects which are far greater than the sum of their parts.

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Our extensive experience in Financial Services, Law, Film & TV, Games, Distributed Computing, Payments, Executive Search, and Corporate Structuring is accompanied by depth of knowledge in Economics, Game Theory, IoT, Machine Learning, Logistics, and Supply Chain Finance.

This helps us identify business opportunities, pivot points to product market fit, build partnerships, source talent, and structure equitable deals with our extensive network of contacts, investors and partners.

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Kommerce tackles the absence of Trade Finance in Emerging and Frontier Markets for small and medium size traders.

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ASYX is a Supply Chain Finance & Collaboration services company connecting Buyers, Sellers, Suppliers, Distributors, and Financial institutions through a secure web-based technology that enables Early Payment to Suppliers, Late Payment to Distributors of corporate Buyers, and Factoring to large corporates. It currently functions in Africa and Indonesia. As of 2018, Asyx has a customer base of 5500 globally based businesses.

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Board and Advisors

Mamoru is the Chairman of Kommunity Ventures, who focuses on social, economic, and technological innovation, and bridges Kommunity Ventures with his extensive network across Japan, China, India, US, and New Zealand.